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  CWF Nov 2, 2012
I am currently using the cold weather flyers glove. During FARP operations they've been the best cold weather glove I've used. I've been doing the armament thing for over 26 years.
  CWF Oct 2012
I have a pair of the CWF gloves and they work perfectly keeps me warm and its not too bulky so I can actually do what I need to do without taking them off... Make shooting a lot easier during cold weather and it is very very comfortable... I was just issued a new pair for my next deployment and I feel really comfortable with the pair I have... Thank you guys for the awesome support...
  CWF Oct 2012
Me and my guys use your gloves all the time for warmth and shooting. They last forever and fit great. Thanks a lot for the great gloves!
  CWF Oct 2012
Hi I am a serving British soldier in 16 Air assault brigade and I have a pair of the cold weather flying gloves which are excellent with the gore tex lining. The low bulk associated with this glove in relation to other cold weather gloves was a feature that I was looking for and important in that I can have as much dexterity as possible when using equipment or manipulating weapon systems great product would be interested in trailing a pair of your wet weather flying gloves for my upcoming deployment over seas.
  CWF – April 2012
The way we originally found out they were going to be awesome gloves is we got sent out to New Mexico for training and got stuck there in a snow storm. We wore them while getting the snow off of our aircraft and of course ended up in a snowball fight. Hands stayed dry and warm the whole time!!! Needless to say, once I started flying with them, I already knew they were going to be excellent!! Even with my hands on my weapon, outside the aircraft, my hands kept warm!! Thanks for making an excellent product!!!

Dear Masley Enterprises,
I was very happy to finally get issued a great flight glove to use as a Blackhawk crew chief that protected against both cold and rain. Unfortunately, early last year, one of mine decided to take a flight out of my CE window over the Iraq desert, so I'm in need of a new pair, unless you guys just sell singles!! Just wanted to see what a pair of the CWF gloves in a size 75N would run me.

  CWF Glove - March 13, 2012 6:06 AM
I have used your gloves for some time, through multiple deployments and these gloves are the only ones I have used that keeps my hands warm in the mountains of Afghanistan when it is freezing out. When you walk and wait your hands get very cold. Not with Masley CW gloves on my hands, they stay warm!

1LT, 4ID (Baghdad, Iraq, Cold 30 degrees F)

Frank -
Just now really using the gloves each morning...its in the 30s in Baghdad during the pre-dawn and early morning I use your gloves to get me through the cold! They fit great and work well.  this is my using the touch screen display in my vehicle with no problems.  Thanks for making a comfortable, practical, and effective set of cold weather gloves for combat soldiers to use!

1LT, D Co, 1/66 AR, 1BCT, 4ID


I received a pair of the CWF gloves at a RFI about 1 year ago.  After going through several training exercises and a deployment to Iraq, the gloves have held up exceptionally well.  I work in a 91 series job field in the Army and they have protected my hands both from the elements and from actual dangers involved with working on military vehicles. I greatly appreciate your companies advances in all areas of your products different capabilities.  My only suggestion is that you might want to think about developing a mechanic glove line and a shooting glove line. Thanks again for everything you all have done. I have been in the military for over 18 years and so far these are the best gloves I have received.


CMDCM Robert

Cold weather flyers CWF and feedback is that these are the most comfortable gloves that I have used and from the start they felt good on my hands and I am able to grab and hold onto items not feeling I am restricted by these gloves.


Dear sir or ma'am,
I used the masley cold weather flyers gloves on a recent FTX in the Grafenwoehr training area and was pleased with the warmth they provided, especially when the weather turned rainy and the temp dropped to 40 degrees. Thank you for making a good quality product for the American soldiers to use.


167 Medical Detachment


Capt John M

The gortex model gloves are being worn by 2 crew chiefs.  They are in love with them.  It has plenty of dexterity and motion.  Neither CC had any trouble shooting with them and their hands remained warm enough for feeling the entire flight.  They are using them no different than the standard flyer's glove, which in my opinion, is the intent.  The weather was 30-35 degrees both nights and no precipitation.  The day temp was in the 45-50 degree range.



i just wanted to say that with the your cold weather gloves our guys have had great luck with them in afghanistan they hold up and keep our hands warm while manning the M240H in UH-60L blackhawks during flight i have 1000 combat hours in the helicopter and it is hard to find a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm during the winter months i have had many times that i couldn't feel my fingers in flight and i think your product is one of the best that i and anyone of our crewchiefs and door gunners have tried.
B Co. 5-101 CAB


I have been using your Cold Weather Flying glove for quite a while. I used them in Afghanistan from when I got them to when I left country. They have also been tremendous for the cold weather flying we do in Wyoming. I am a National Guard Crewchief on UH-60s (medevac). They have been wonderful to fly in, are way warmer than the standard glove and give much better dexterity than the other Army cold weather flight gloves. I just hope I can convince my unit to buy more before I wear these out. I have been using them a lot and they also are holding up great.

Once again I want to say thanks for making a great glove



CSM Army

Have been down range with your Masley Gore-Tex Gloves (CWF) and found them a pleasure to wear.  We can do any mission wearing this glove



I was issued these gloves through RFI. It is the first time in 28 years of service I have had a pair of gloves that actually fit my hand. Your company broke the code that not everyone has a paw that will fit inside an olive jar. Kudos for making a great fitting glove.



I just figured i would take a chance to give you some positive feedback on your gloves, i received your gloves in my rfi and i wanted to say that they were definitely nice for some of the cooler mornings during the winter in iraq, they held up well and even when it rained, they kept most everything out. anyways, just letting you know, good stuff, have a good one.


Cold Weather Flyer's Glove (CWF)

I have been in the Active Army for over 3 years. I have deployed to Iraq and I am now stationed at Camp Buehring, Kuwait with the 581st Signal Company. During my entire Military cariare as a Unit Supply Spetalist (92Y) I have always spent my own money on gloves. Almost all the gloves I have receaved from the Military have been big, bulky and/or cheap. The need for comforitable glaves that last is great when your always handling Army Equipment like i am. I just started runing my own Supply Room and have rearanged alot of equpment. The CWF gloves have held up very well. They are some of the best gloves i have ever receaved that i can comferitbly use when handaling equipment.



I wanted to drop you a line and let you know my impression of your CWF gloves.  First, I am very happy that the Army finally got on board with your designs and the logic and technology behind them.  On the CWF - I've been trying to buy a pair in size Large for myself and was finally successful.  These gloves are as good for flight crews as your POL gloves are for fuel handlers - and those gloves are great !

Your CWF gloves just plain beat the pants off the old HAU-15/P gloves.  The HAU-15/P gloves are nearly as comfortable as your CWF's, but they are HORRIBLE for flying.  There is no touch and feel - no tactile dexterity in the HAU-15/P's, and they are far inferior to the technology you have put into the CWF's.


I got the Cold Weather Flyer's Glove (CWF). I used them in Afghanastan for at least 4 months and they came in handy a lot. They kept my hands pretty warm and I still had access to everything. Not like normal gloves, these are about 9 out of 10 in my book. Thank you for allowing me to try these out. Or having the military purchase them for me to try. LOL. Thanks again.


I would like to say I love these gloves they are soo comfortable.  My Masley gloves are the best ones I have used since I joined the military.  I would like to say thank you for making these gloves. 


Hello my name is SPC K.L.C.. in the U.S Army at Fort Carson, CO. I own two pairs of your gloves which were issued by the military but, I love these glove no joke because I live in a cold area, they are perfect out here and have been the only gloves to keep my hands as warm and still be able to do little things without having to take em off. I own a pair of your cold weather flyers and also the fuel handler gloves. I dont wear the fuel gloves hardly anymore because i used those when we used our tanks and when it was cold but Im not on tanks anymore and now an infantrymen. I am soon about to deploy and definitly taking the cold weather flyers with me because were im goinggets freezing cold there. But I really hope you guys keep doing what you guys do best at making these great gloves for us. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter hope to hear back from you gys thanks.

P.S.  I included some wierd pictures of me with your gloves on to show my expression with your gloves on and how much I like them lol.


I was recently issued a pair of your Cold Weather Flyers Gloves.  This is the first Cold Weather Flyers Glove the military has issued in years that acutally performs.  I like that it is reenforced and water proof.  The old style flyers gloves left your hand a wet mess after being out in the elements for a short time.  They fit well and dont have a lot of extra material as other types of issued gloves. 

I am not in avaitaion I am a ground troop and a good pair of gloves is very important to me.  These gloves have enough dexterity that load weapons or work vehicle controls, then transition into a dismounted patrol without having to change gloves.

Thanks for your superior product!


Writing you from Afghanistan to give you my thoughts on your gloves.  I think they're very good gloves - soft inside, easy on/off, relatively water repellent (even in the slush we've been experiencing as of late), and I'm very glad that they're made in the USA by clearly talented workers - something very important to me.  When I've looked for gloves for myself in the civilian world, they all seemed to be made in China - glad there's still industry going on in our country.  The only complaint I have is that while the palms and fingers stay warm, the fingertips get pretty cold - to the point of numbness.  I would imagine there's a trade-off between the amount of insulation you can use and dexterity (say, for weapons) - it might get pretty bulky otherwise.  I don't know anything about glove manufacturing, so I'm not sure if that is indeed the case.  If that could be rectified, these great gloves would be even better.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for keeping your manufacturing here at home.


Model: CWF

I am a Flight Engineer in the CH47D helicopters. Being an cabin crew I am subjected to extremely cold temperatures in the winter as I am monitoring the aircraft from the outside during the start-up process. The hands gets numb as the rotor blades start turning and the downwash creates sub-zero temperatures. After I started using the cold weather flyers glove's my hands stopped getting numb and the hands were kept at a decent temperature without freezing up. The feel is also great, as I need to operate switches and being winter gloves, they don't feel bulky. I am able to have a good grip and carry on with my operations without any resistance or discomfort. Overall these are great gloves and I am totally satisfied with it. I would recommend it to any flight crew. Thanks for your team who have created one of the best cold weather flyer's gloves.


I am a Navy Reservist who has be activated to Kandahar. During my training at Fort Dix, NJ I purchased a pair of your gloves. I am very glad that I did! They saves my hands and fingers from injuries and frost bite. I was even able to use them when shooting. Thank you for making a superior product that can stand the rigors of military training...and many washings!


Cold Weather Flyer's

I wear these around the motor pool (Ft. Gordon), and cold or wet, these gloves still provide me the ability to grip and grab things I need to.  They keep my hands warm, which is a huge issue for me since my hands get cold very easily.  Thanks for developing such a great glove for soldiers!


Dear Masley Enterprises Inc.,

It's finally cold enough to wear the Masley Cold Weather Flyers Gloves here in Iraq.  I'm very pleased with how the gloves balance the level of insulation with maintaining dexterity.  I can still draw my weapon and thumb the safety while the gloves kept my hands warm while standing outside for about 3 hours in approximately 40 degree weather.  I like the gauntlet style too; it keeps the wind from sneaking up my sleeves.  

All in all this is a great product!


My platoon was issued your cold weather flyer gloves as part of our RFI when we deployed from Fort Hood to Mosul, Iraq. The weather is finally cold enough for us to use our gear on a daily basis. Having worn them for a few weeks, I decided to provide some feedback.

First, excellent insulation! My hands get cold easily, but not with
your gloves. I actually held an icepack on a sore shoulder and the cold
didn't penetrate you glove. Nice work!

Second, good job on the closure strap. That method
ensures I pull it tight when wearing either inserts or the other glove. It
also allows me to get them off in a hurry as well. I personally prefer it to
an elastic cuff.

Third, your product is definitely water proof! On a cold rainy (one
of the few we'll have) day, we have several of my Soldiers had their gloves
out when doing maintenance and patrol. By the time we returned, it was the warmest, driest place on us.

Fourth, I like the new lining. Not only is it comfortable, it works!
In an environment where the rest of our clothing gets continuously "odorous" our gloves are no issue! And in this environment where there is little opportunity to wash one's hands, that is a key factor on something we have to wear every day.

Thank you for contributing your products to Soldiers at Fort Hood. We are
getting good use out of them and ARE putting them to the test. For further information, you may reply to this email, and I will include our address below. Thanks again for a good product!


Platoon Leader

Cos Marez, Iraq
APO AE 09334


Masley Enterprises Inc, I have really enjoyed your cold weather flyers gloves.  I particularly like that your fingers are shaped like fingers and not tapered tubes. The dexterity of these glove are also very surprising.  Good job Masley!

4-10th MNT BSTB 

Sappers Lead The Way!   


The pictures show that I was wearing the gloves while we were checking out a truck that was being drawn. What it does not show is that the wind was blowing from 30 to 40 mph and it was cold.  The gloves worked great and where not overly bulky to where you could not work. Thank you for your support. Everyone I talk to likes the gloves and the way they fit is the biggest comment made.  Thank you for making a quality product. 



Dear Masley Enterprises,

I have to say I love the way the CW gloves fit.  The fire-resistance comes in handy while we're at Yakima Training Center here at Fort Lewis.  Also the waterproof is the best addition.  Being out in the cold rain all the time definitely improves the survivability.  I've yet to try the Intermediate CW Gloves yet, but not sure between the two holds up better.  Either way, the regular CWF gloves are the ticket! Any drawings you guys have I would be excited to enter in.  You're gloves are awesome and would not hesitate to receive another pair!

Cold Weather Flyer's Glove (CWF) Size 75N (L) Size 75N (L)



Good afternoon,
Yes I have had a chance to wear the gloves as the weather gets
colder. They are warm, but more importantly, they are comfortable and not bulky. I let a fellow Marine take them to the rifle range at the beginning
of the month and they were a big hit. I would love to see them as a standard cold weather issue.


Just wanted to drop a line and say that I have spent the last almost 6 weeks in the special forces Small Unit Tactics training at Camp Mackall, NC, and wanted to let you guys know that I have been spending a lot of time out in the field (in the wet and cold) and using the CWF glove.  I am going back on Monday for the last 3 weeks and I am letting you guys know that your CWF is freaking awesome.  As a SSG in the Army I have been through a lot of gloves.  This CWF glove works well in the rain.  It has been raining here a lot and when you spend 3-4 days straight in the field, wet gloves can bring down morale when it is freezing cold outside and all your gloves are soggy wet...because they never really do dry.  Your gloves, however, do not fail me and keep my hands warm and dry in the rain, and do not get soggy like other gloves.  I just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome glove.


I was recently issued some Masley gloves, and they did an
excellent job in protecting my hands while I was training in Fort
Irwin, California. I was also pleasantly surprised at how cool my
hands stayed despite the ridiculous heat, and how my dexterity
wasn't hindered by wearing them. I would gladly recommend these
gloves to anyone who needs to have all their dexterity about them
and have to wear gloves, they get 5 stars in both protection and comfort from me.
They're made of high-quality materials and are tough enough for
most any jobs you throw at it.


the gloves are wonderful. they are confortable, breathable and insulated well i worked outside today it was 18 degrees until about 1000hrs today and my hands didnt even get cold and i enjoy that because i can achive alot of things when my hands are not cold so i really enjoy these gloves thanks you so much for this time to speak about the gloves.......sincerly


Good morning.

I've been in the military for awhile and have NEVER been issued a pair
of gloves that kept my hands warm, until now.  I thank you and my hands
thank you for such a great product. 



Frank, you may remember my ordering two shipments of gloves to be sent to my son's unit in Afghanistan early in 2008. The helicopter crew chiefs did not have adequate gloves, and we raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000 and ordered close to 50 pairs of gloves. You paid the postage to get them over there. Several months ago, our son was at Ft. Rucker, and we spent a weekend there. During the several days we were there, three different crew chiefs sought us out and told us, "You saved our lives." They left the gloves in Afghanistan, and they are still being used. I thought you'd like to know.

Thanks again for helping us with that project.
(son visited MASLEY Enterprises Inc. in Black Hawk Helicopter Oct 27, 2011)


I was issued a pair of the Goretex winter gloves during RFI prior to deployment.  During the train-up and actual deployment these gloves never let my hands get wet and always kept them warm and protected yet offered good freedom of movement and finger use.

Thank you for a fine product.

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