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  FUEL Oct 2012
I have been using the Masley fuel handlers gloves. They have a very strong solid fit and have just enough grip to do any task that the day requires of me. If I didn’t have these gloves I could still perform all of my task, but they allow me to do everything I need to in comfort. They are also some of the most durable gloves I have used in a long time.

FUEL Glove July 2012

Dear Masley Enterprises Inc.

These gloves served me very well! I have used them at work refueling Jet-A, since the very day I received them. That has been 8 hrs. per day 5 days a week thru winter and into summer. The major wear on the fingers have only occured (sic) since approx 3 weeks ago. They are the only gloves I need to take to work and haven't used any other type or brand of glove during this time. The large Guntlet (sic) could not be more perfect. Sincerely, Keith , Rosemont Il (ORD)

  FUEL Gloves June 2012
Subject: Re: Masley Enterprises Inc-fuel Gloves
Still have my gloves from January (after 6 months of daily wear). Even though they are at the end of their lifespan they STILL keep my hands dry. My hands have been very well protected with my Masley Gloves. My favorite feature is the fact that they also protect my wrists. This is the area where fuel drips all of the time but the fuel beads right off.

US Air Force

I originally used the Fuel Handlers glove in Korea as a Bulk Fuel Operator and found them to be extremely versatile. They kept my hands warm in the winter and were still usable in the summer. The barrier to POL is amazing and has allowed me to use 1 pair of gloves for a multitude of tasks. I have now been using the Fuel Handler gloves for 3 years and have brought them with me to Afghanistan and Kuwait. Even in the deserts of Kuwait, I was still able to wear the gloves. The versatility of being able to wear the same pair of gloves in the winter and summer and still have protection from POL and the dexterity to operate a weapon is unbelievable.

US Air Force,

Air National Guard , MSgt - Fuel Handler Glove

“Just a note to let you know I received my gloves yesterday and that I put them to use today. It is pouring rain and the gloves kept my hands perfectly dry. Also we have a device in our trucks that require us to use keypad entry and it was no problem with the gloves on.

I have passed on the information about these gloves to the Flight Line individuals as I know they are also looking for a good glove that allows dexterity and protection.

I will keep you informed as to how they perform after a little time using them, but so far, they have performed better than any glove I have found after 22 years in the POL career field."



SGT, Army Reserves

Sometime last year you gave me three pair of Refueler gloves to try out. I ended up being deployed to Iraq and our tour is almost over. I just wanted to drop a quick note saying how much I enjoyed using them. I attached a picture of the gloves after 9-10 months of use, the other gloves are in the same condition. The gloves weren't that bad in 130 degree + weather and they did what they did real well in the rain. Thanks again for the gloves.

Take care,
W.L. Gore and Associates Army Reserves


Ft Hood – Fuel Handler Glove

“The overwhelming feedback from the Soldiers that were testing the gloves is clear that the Masley Gloves are the right glove for that use. In fact the Ft Hood Fuel Farm currently uses these gloves and promotes them as the best glove on the market.
…The gloves held up perfectly, very durable and chemical resistant…bottom line is that these ARE the gloves for fuel handlers…..the ONLY gloves specifically designed for that use.”

SFC – Ft Hood, TX
4ID, G-4


Ft Hood – Fuel Handler Glove

Thank you very much for the information. This is a fine glove and an outstanding design. It's FAR superior to the GS-FRP/2 (Summer Flyers Glove) by light years.
Thank you for everything you and your company do to keep our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coasties (and the Hardy Boys, too) safe in these tough times overseas and at home.

LTC, US Army (ret.), Master Army Aviator LTC Tadsen


With over 20 years in Army aviation, I find your gloves are hands down better than the GS/FRP-2's (Summer Flyers Glove) I've used for over thirty years. As an old OH-58 pilot who had to do my share of hot refueling over the years, I think your fuel handler's gloves are much better overall than the GS/FRP-2's, by design and function.

I suspect that the Army (as is tragically usual) is concerned much more about the per copy cost than the far better protection and survivability provided by your gloves. Perhaps under the current President, the sun will shine on Masley Enterprises, and our Army aviation fuel handlers will finally receive a truly outstanding purpose-built glove, and not just a stopgap fill-in glove designed for non-fuel handling use (the GS/FRP-2).

Thanks for your prompt reply, and I wish you well with DSCP in the very near future.

LTC, Master Army Aviator, US Army (ret.) LTC Tadsen


Fuel handlers glove

The gloves are so comfortable and provide the ultimate protection for your hands. One of my Soldiers was handling fuel and the line ruptured in two sections and he held the line tightly over both sections and when we stopped the flow of fuel to the hose. And when he removed his wet gloves his hands barely smelled like fuel.


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